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History of SRG


Results are due to an intelligent effort. Spectrum Realty was formed in 2008 to continue what was started in 1986, with the Chairmen of the Ziman Center for Real Estate at UCLA and founder of Highridge Partners. Spectrum became one of the premier management companies in Texas over the next 8 years until the company and properties were sold in 1994.


We are continuing the same principals and standards built back then. In 2008, SRG was created again because we wanted the opportunity to bring the philosophies that were exclusive to private owners to the fee management industry. With a fresh new approach in an ever changing real estate market, we have built upon the successful owner management philosophies and systems of the past to offer it to third party owners.


Our goal is to create value for our owners. The hard work we do in the present creates more value for our owners in the future. We focus on people, pride, and our product to produce profits for our owners. Our commitment is to create value added solutions that inspire our communities to have a fuller enriched lifestyle.

Property Management Redefined | Collaboration, innovation, transformation

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